RV Ranch
Burleson, TX
March 31 - April 2, 2006

Friday - March 31, 2006

This is going to be our first trip to a true "RV Resort." In the past Terry and I have always stayed at state parks. We're looking forward to a different experience. What's the occasion?  It's an RV.net mini-rally with a bunch of the local "Open Road" forum members. The "Open Road Forums" are an incredible source of information about everything RVing! Over the years, I have learned so much from reading all of the posts from the knowledgeable members. They are all wonderful and willing to share their knowledge.

Terry and I left home around 8:00 to head over to our storage facility to pickup our trailer. Soon, we were driving south on Interstate 35 towards Burleson and RV Ranch where the rally is being held. We arrived at the front gate around 9:30. Wow, we were amazed; the park is beautiful with all sorts of wonderful amenities that appeal to RVers, mainly full-timers. I could tell right away, this was going to be a nice relaxing weekend.

George, our host, had a perfect site picked out for us, #139. All I had to do was back straight in and it was also right next to the clubhouse, where all the weekend's activities would be held. I did even get an audience to watch me back in. Our best friends, Steve and Leslie, would have the site right next to us. The four of us love camping together, both couples are "low-maintenance" when camping, so we don't have to entertain each other. They'd be joining us a little later. They'd be in site #140.

After getting setup very quickly, Terry and I left around 11:30 for Mansfield, TX. We had our monthly haircuts scheduled for 1:00. Mansfield was a short 30 minute drive. Before we arrived at the salon, we stopped for lunch in downtown Mansfield. We tried a home-cooking restaurant called "Callies". Yum, lunch was wonderful. After haircuts, we needed to make a stop at the local Wal-Mart to pickup a few items. RV Ranch provided a wireless network, but the signal was somewhat weak in the area we were. They also offered hard wired connections. The problem was, I didn't have a 50' network cable with me. So it was time for a trip to Wal-Mart before heading back to RV Ranch. What's a camping trip without a trip to Wal-Mart?

On the way back to the park, we decided to run by the new Camping World to see what kind of specials and sales they were having. The new Fort Worth Camping World was having their grand opening and they were supposed to have quite a celebration going on as well as a bunch of great deals. As it worked out, I am glad we did go by. Terry and I have been wanting to change out some of our lights in the trailer to the 12 volt fluorescent types. The fluorescent lights would provide a brighter light when Terry is working on crafts or when we're playing games. We also picked up some other miscellaneous items. Since this was the grand opening of the new Fort Worth locations, they had all sorts of drawings for prizes going on. Terry and I both registered for prizes.

When you registered, you got a key to open the treasure chest and got to reach in to see if you won a prize. I won a koozie, but Terry scored huge! She won the top Grand Prize for the Grand Opening, one of the new Camping World recliners, a $200 value! Oh my gosh, we were both so excited. There was a buzz throughout the whole store. What's cool about the recliner is that it has removable cushions to provide better circulation when the weather turns warm. With our new recliner in hand, and all the other stuff we purchased, we headed back to RV Ranch, only one exit away on I35. When we returned, word spread quickly about Terry's fortune and everyone had to come over to see the new recliner and try it out.

For the rest of the afternoon, we relaxed and napped until Steve and Leslie arrived a little after 5:00. Terry gave her "A-OK" to the new recliner! She said it was a good one and very comfortable. We helped Steve and Leslie get setup before starting dinner. On the menu tonight:

After dinner everyone gathered at the club house for a "circle of introductions". Everyone gathered their chairs in a circle, went around the circle and introduced themselves. After the round of introductions, several groups headed to the tables for some serious rounds of Mexican Train. Terry headed back over to the trailer to relax. She's been through so much lately dealing with the breast cancer. I stayed and watch the proceedings. These folks played totally different than what I was used to, it was very interesting and informative to watch. After about an hour, I too headed back over to our trailer. Terry and I watched TV for about an hour before turning in for the evening.

Friday Night Gathering At The Club House

Saturday - April 1, 2006

We woke around 7:30 after a very restful night's sleep. I headed over to the clubhouse to grab a cup of coffee. The "community" coffee pot had been started earlier in the morning and provided a nice way to start the day. This morning our group is having a potluck breakfast in the clubhouse starting around 9:00! Yum, I love breakfast buffets, especially when the buffet is packed with all sorts of homemade goodies! Terry and I contributed sausage patties. There  was all sorts of delicious breakfast items consisting of fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs, pastries, juice and of course, lots of coffee.

Saturday Morning Potluck Breakfast - Yum!

Our host, George, hard at work!

Below are some pictures of the decorations in the club house. The folks at RV Ranch provide first class amenities! Whoever did the decorating, did do a beautiful job.

After helping clean up the breakfast buffet, Terry, Steve and Leslie and myself decided to make another run to Camping World. They wanted to see what was on sale as well. We decided to pickup another one of the recliners that Terry had won so we would have a matched set. (As it worked out, Terry's parents decided to take our older recliners since they were a little larger and more comfortable than the ones they had been using. More about that later.) After the quick run to Camping World, we stopped back by the front gate and purchased a few items at the park's gift shop. It was stocked with all the necessary items an RVer needs plus a wonderful selection of unique gift items.

Boys and their toys! Is it working yet?
George and Sirik's New Mobile Suites! Our site at RV Ranch
Solving the world's problems!

Bill and Jane, Terry's parents, who are full time RVers, have just arrived in town. They'll be here for about a month or so. They were here so they could be here for support during Terry's surgery. In January Terry was diagnosed with breast cancer. We both knew that everything was going to turn out perfectly. Bill and Jane were coming out to the park to spend Saturday with us and attend the potluck. They'd be joining us for lunch. Around 10:30 they arrived. Lots of hugs and kisses. They normally try to make it through our area about once a year. On the menu for lunch:

Yum, there's nothing better than hot dogs and brats when you're camping! Lunch was excellent. After lunch, George, our host, came over to visit with Bill and Jane. In a couple of months, George and Sirik, his wife, were getting ready to retire. After retirement, they had a six month trip planned. Since Bill and Jane have been full timing it since 1999, George wanted to "pick their brain" to get any tips or tricks they might be able to give him. For the rest of the afternoon, everyone relaxed and caught up on what's been happening since their last visit.

About 4:00, it was time for me to start working on my pan of cheese enchiladas and the Sopapilla Cheesecake that we'd be bringing to the group's TexMex themed potluck this evening. I am sure we'd be having some excellent food this evening. The potluck was scheduled to start around 6:00. Over at the clubhouse, the grills were all setup, and the smell of fajitas cooking made us all hungry. Oh my gosh, you should have seen all the food! The buffet was a TexMex food lovers' dream. There were fajitas of all types, enchiladas, tamales, chili con queso, guacamole, homemade salsa, you name it, it was there! Major yum! And I haven't even started to talk about the multitude of desserts that were made. Wow, no calorie counting allowed this weekend!

Saturday Night Tex-Mex Buffet and Game Night

Terry and her mom

After the delicious dinner, we all broke into groups for a lively round of Mexican Train. Since we were used to our rules, the six of us, Terry and myself, Steve and Leslie and Bill and Jane started our own game of train. We finished the round up around 10:30. Bill and Jane were very tired so they headed back to their RV park in Arlington. The rest of us headed back to our trailers to turn in for the evening. We relaxed and watched TV turning in around midnight.

Sunday - April 2, 2006

We woke around 8:00 after a restful night's sleep. Since we had eaten so much on Saturday, we decided on a light breakfast of just oatmeal and toast. Both of us were still very full. We sat around and read until around mid-morning then started breaking down and packing up so we could get ready to pull out and head for home. About 11:00 we bid our goodbyes to everyone and headed for home. It's been a good camping trip. RV Ranch is a beautiful facility, we'll definitely have to pay them another visit sometime in the future, but we both decided that we're more of the state park type campers than the RV resort type. Even though all the amenities that the resort afforded us were nice, we missed being out in nature.

Authored by Chuck and Terry Mencke

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