Loyd Park RV.net/NTXCA Rally
Grand Prairie, TX
October 12-15, 2006


Thursday - October 12, 2006

What a weekend we have coming up! This will be the first joint rally/campout between my RV.net Open Road Forum's group and our NTXCA (North Texas Camping Association). Terry and I are hosting the rally this weekend for both groups. We've got a loop of 10 sites for our group. There are also around 40 sites reserved adjacent to the loop for the rest of the rally attendees. It's going to be a great weekend.

Terry and I left home around 7:15 Thursday evening and arrived at the park around 7:45. By the time we arrived, 4 rigs on our loop had already arrived and were setup. We chose site #159, one of our favorites since it was perfectly level. Since it was already late, we did a minimal setup. Getting ready to sit down for a late night dinner and Terry and I soon discovered that we had left the hamper of linens at home. Oops! Fortunately we were only around 30 minutes from home so it was a quick drive back to the house to pickup the forgotten linens. Since we had to run home we decided to just "fast food" it on the way home instead of preparing dinner at the trailer. We arrived back to our site around 9:30, watched TV for a while and relaxed before turning in for the evening around 10:30.

Friday - October 13, 2006

Terry and I woke around 7:30 after a very restful night's sleep. I put on a pot of coffee while Terry prepared some fresh baked blueberry muffins. They were the perfect accompaniment to the fresh hot coffee. After showering and getting dressed, Terry and I headed outside to visit with a few of the folks that were gathered at the pavilion. Around 10:30 our RV buddies, Steve and Leslie, arrived and got setup.

Our Rigs All Setup For The Weekend

Chuck & Terry's Pilgrim Steve & Leslie's Durango

Tonight was the big hot dog cookout that Steve and I were hosting for both groups. Since most of the families come to the park after getting off work Friday evening, Steve and I felt hosting the hot dog cookout would be the perfect way to get both groups together plus help them minimize their setup time by fixing dinner for everyone. After Steve and Leslie got setup, Terry and Steve left for a shopping trip to the local Sam's club to purchase all the fixings that would be needed for tonight's big cookout. Leslie needed to run back to work for a short period. While everyone was gone, I worked on preparations at the pavilion to get things organized for the cookout. For the rally, we have a commercial margarita machine furnished by a dear friend of mine who owns Mobile Margaritas.  I'm sure the machine will be a big "hit" with the group. I decided to turn the machine on around 3:00 so the "testing" could begin before all the folks start arriving around 6:00 which is when the cookout is scheduled to begin.

Margarita Machine furnished by Mobile Margaritas!

Steve and I started cooking around 5:30 so we could get a jump on the arrival of the hungry crowd. Groups of our rally attendees started arriving around 6:00 for the big hot dog cookout. Steve and I furnished the hot dogs, buns and all the fixing, everyone else was invited to bring a side dish for everyone to enjoy. From the photos below you can see that all had an awesome time! The margarita machine was a huge hit with the adults and the dogs were delicious. Hot dogs, beer and margaritas, what else do you need at a campout?

The Big Hot Dog Cookout

Steve & Chuck - "Chief Cooks At Work!

After dinner, we started our community campfire for everyone to enjoy. We've been under a burn ban for almost a year, so a campfire was a very welcome sight after the long absence. Typical with our campouts, many of us gathered around the campfire to "solve the world's problems" and visited until around midnight. Terry was really tired and had "turned into a pumpkin" and was already fast asleep in the trailer. After making sure the fire was safe for the night, I turned off the lights in the pavilion and headed "home" for a good night's sleep.

Saturday - October 14, 2006

This morning our core RV.net group was having their own group breakfast. We're letting the NTXCA folks sleep in this morning. Terry and I woke up around 7:45. I put on a pot of coffee before showering and getting dressed. The pot-luck breakfast was scheduled to start around 9:30 so we had plenty of time to get over to the pavilion in the center of our camping loop.

As usual with our camping potlucks, there was enough food to feed an army and a huge variety of dishes. To keep it simple, Terry picked up a box of assorted pastries when she and Steve were shopping at Sam's Club yesterday. All the food was delicious. Yum! Breakfast is my all-time favorite meal when we're RVing. It tastes so good when camping in the great outdoors.

Saturday Morning Potluck Breakfast

For the rest of the afternoon, we all relaxed and enjoyed the afternoon. In the middle of the afternoon there was a brief rain shower. It was very refreshing. The four of us, Steve, Leslie, Terry and myself, played a couple rounds of Mexican Train to pass the afternoon. Everyone congregated at the pavilion. It was the place to sit and visit. It became the "heart" of our rally.

 Relaxin' At The Pavilion

Terry, "Winston" and Leslie visiting at the pavilion

A little before 6:00 everyone started arriving for our combined group potluck. Oh my gosh, there's was tons and tons of food. As a treat for the kids, we decided to run a batch of smoothies through the margarita machine. All the kids and most of the adults really enjoyed the smoothies. We also had a special occasion to celebrate. Two of our attendees, LeRoy and Kay, had birthdays to celebrate. We had purchased a special cake to surprise them

Saturday Night Potluck

At Long Last, A Campfire!

Terry enjoying the campfire!

After dinner, the campfire was started once again with everyone joined in a circle around it. We all enjoyed the relaxation after a busy weekend. It was great watching all of the kids running around having a good time. Terry headed over to the trailer around 10:00. I sat and visited with the group until around 11:00 before turning in for the evening. A few minutes after turning in, I noticed the lights in the pavilion were turned out signaling another end of a perfect day and a perfect weekend. It has indeed been an awesome rally and I'm sure all all have had a good time.

Sunday - October 15, 2006

Terry and I woke up around 8:00, we were both still "whupped" after a long but fun weekend. One of our camping traditions is to have pancakes and all the fixings on Sunday mornings. This morning was no exception. There were still a few showers in the area. Yesterday evening Terry and I had already packed up all of our "outside" items so everything wouldn't get wet. After cleaning up the breakfast dishes we started packing up everything so we could get ready to leave. Around 11:00 we were hooked up and ready to pull out. We "made the rounds" said our goodbyes to all. Everyone expressed how much fun they had and were looking forward to next year's rally! Terry and I pulled out and headed for home with a slight mist falling.

Authored by Chuck and Terry Mencke

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