Lake Mineral Wells State Park
Mineral Wells, TX
August 4-6, 2006

Friday - August 4, 2006

This was going to be our first trip pulling our trailer with our new 2006 F250 Lariat with the Power Stroke Diesel. I was so excited to see how the truck was going to handle towing the trailer. We picked up the trailer around noon and headed for Lake Mineral Wells State Park. Wow, what a difference towing compared to our F150! Terry and I kept looking behind us to make sure the trailer was still there. One thing I was concerned with was the constant "Trailer Disconnect" error Ford's Integrated Brake Controller was showing. I wasn't too worried since the trailer brakes and lights were functioning perfectly. I wondered if my trailer brake connector had a short. I'd have to check it out later.

Terry and I with our new 2006 F250 Lariat!

Even through we didn't have the required 500 miles on the truck yet, we had been assured by our dealer it was okay to tow the trailer on a short trip. Terry and I arrived at the park around 2:30, Steve and Leslie, our camping buddies, had already arrived and gotten setup. We were probably crazy camping this weekend, temperatures were scheduled to be in the mid 100's. Even with the temperature over 100, the truck's engine and transmission temperature stayed in the normal range. We all decided that camping in the middle of summer in Texas was absolutely crazy, never again! Setting up zapped us. We'd do a little setup, stop and rest, then finish the setup. We couldn't do anything but sit inside with the air conditioning running on high.

Another view of our 2006 F250 Lariat

After it cooled down a bit, 98 or so, Steve and Leslie started preparing dinner. Before hand, Steve had smoked a brisket. They were hosting dinner tonight, Terry and I were taking care of dinner tomorrow night. Tonight's menu consisted of:

Yum, as always, a delicious dinner. After dinner, Steve, Leslie and myself played a round of Phase 10. Terry was absolutely exhausted from the heat. She decided to take a nap after dinner in the cool of our trailer. The three of us remaining decided to brave the outdoors to play cards. After finishing our round of Phase 10, we all decided it was time to turn in for the evening and the air conditioned comfort of our individual trailers. We were all very tired from out day in the heat. Terry and I turned in around 11:00 for the night.

Saturday - August 5, 2006

Terry and I woke around 7:30 after a restful night's sleep. I don't believe the air conditioning turned off all night long. We hadn't been outside yet, but I'm sure it was probably still in the mid 90's. The "Trailer Disconnect' error on my new truck was still worrying me, so I decided to run into Mineral Wells to pick up a new trailer connector at Wal-Mart. Instead of cooking breakfast, we decided to stop in town and pick something up. Steve and Leslie decided to ride into town with Terry and me.

Steve & Leslie's site Our site at Lake Mineral Wells State Park

After a quick 10 minute drive into town, we stopped at McDonalds first for breakfast then headed over to Wal-Mart to do a little shopping. After some second thoughts, I decided not to mess with the trailer's wiring and just put up with the brake controller error until I could get the truck back into the dealership for analysis. Temperatures were already rising, we knew it was going to be a hot day!

Arriving back to the park, we rested the rest of the day not doing much of anything since it was so hot. Temperatures during the afternoon were in the 106 range. Around mid-afternoon, the inevitable happened, the park had a major power failure. We weren't surprised, with all the RV's running their air conditioners on high, the load was just too much for the park's electrical system to handle. There was nothing to do but to move outside under our awnings, sit in our recliners and try to be still in the intense heat. Fortunately the power outage only lasted for about an hour. When the power came back on, we heard cheers throughout the park.

Terry and I were hosting dinner tonight at our trailer. We told Steve and Leslie to come over around 7:00 and we'd have everything ready. On the menu tonight:

After dinner the four of us played a new game entitled "High Rise Dominos". We all had a great time playing the new game. Around 10:30 we finished up the round. Steve and Leslie headed over to their trailer and Terry and I turned in. The two of us were surprised how nice and cool our trailer was staying even with the intense heat. Our Pilgrim is a very well insulated and well built trailer.

Sunday - August 6, 2006

We woke around 8:30 after another night's restful sleep. Our trailer almost got chilly inside last night. We decided to get breakfast going and start breaking down before it got too hot. This morning for breakfast we're having breakfast tacos with all the fixings, juice and milk. After a quick breakfast, we headed for home around 11:00.  The four of us have decided that never again would we camp in the summer at the height of the Texas heat. It just wasn't fun. Terry and I arrived at our storage lot around 12:30 and headed home to our cool house. Whew, we're glad this trip is over. We had fun, but it was just too darn hot!

Authored by Chuck and Terry Mencke

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