Canyon of the Eagles
Burnet, Texas
March 16 - 19, 2006

Chuck, Terry, Steve & Leslie enjoying a cool day at Canyon of the Eagles

Thursday - March 16, 2006

Terry and I are off for another camping weekend with our RVing buddies, Steve and Leslie. Our final destination will be Canyon of the Eagles in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We decided to head down to the park on Thursday to make it a long weekend. Terry and I left home a little after 8:00 to head over to our RV storage lot to pick up our trailer. By 9:00 we were heading down the road towards Lampasas where we'll be staying tonight. Since this was Spring Break weekend, Canyon of the Eagles didn't have have sites available until Friday so we decided to make a stop half way at Boone RV Park.

We arrive in Lampasas around 11:30. While we were driving through town towards our RV park, Terry saw one of her favorite restaurants, Mr. Gatti's Pizza. When she was attending the University of Texas at Austin, Mr, Gatti's was one of her favorite restaurants to eat at. After seeing it, I knew right away where we'd be having lunch. The folks at Boone RV Park were super friendly. After checking in, we were escorted to our site. The sites are really nice pull-throughs with full hookups and cable television. Another nice amenity is WiFi throughout the park, even though the signal was weak at times.

Welcome to Boone RV Park! Lots of trees at Boone RV Park

I pulled the pictures above from Boone's website so everyone could see how the park looks in the Spring and Summer. We were there in the middle of March, the trees were very bare with no leaves. Since we were just staying overnight, we did a minimal of setup, especially on the outside. As I mentioned, instead of making tuna sandwiches like we had planned, we headed back into town to Mr. Gatti's Pizza. We were in luck, we were just in time to partake from the buffet. Terry checked it out and gave it her approval after she saw they had a "Sampler" on the buffet. That is her favorite pizza that Mr. Gatti's makes. Basically it's a "works" type pizza. What makes the "Sampler" special is that they put green olives on it. Many of the pizza places today just use black olives, plus Mr. Gatti's has an awesome crust. Eating there also brings back fond memories of Terry's times down in Austin. After filling our tummies with yummy pizza, Terry and I headed back to the RV park to relax and wait for Steve and Leslie to arrive.

Winter at Boone RV Park Nice sites with picnic tables.
All sites are pull-throughs Steve & Leslie all setup for the night

Right around 5:00 Steve and Leslie rolled into the park. Our hosts had already saved a spot next to us for them to pull into. Later on, after they finished getting setup and leveled, we all sat down at the picnic table for a lively round of Mexican Train and munchies that Leslie so graciously provided. We had some awesome roasted chipotle hot sauce, chips and beer. It was a nice cool evening to enjoy fellowship and the end of the day. Around 10:00, all of us were getting tired and were ready to turn in for the evening. We bid each other a good night and headed to our respective trailers. Steve took Winston, their dog, for a late night walk around the park before heading in.

Friday - March 17, 2006

Terry and I woke around 7:30 after a very restful night's sleep. Even though Boone RV Park is right off the highway, the park was incredibly quiet night. If there was noise, I was "out like a light" and wouldn't have heard anything anyway. On the menu for breakfast this morning:

Yum! As always breakfast was wonderful. It always is when you're camping. After cleaning up after breakfast, we all starting getting ready to hook up and head towards Burnet and Canyon of the Eagles. The drive from Lampasas to Canyon of the Eagles should only take about an hour. It'll probably take around 30 minutes to get to Burnet, then another 30 minutes to drive to the park. We pulled out of Boone RV Park around 9:30 and right on the button at 10:30 we pulled up to the lodge at Canyon of the Eagles. We were so excited, our favorite site, #17, was available. Each time we stayed at the park, we've been fortunate to get the same site. We like the site because it is very level and deep, around 60'. The site also has a great area to set up Ladder Golf.

Steve and Leslie picked the site right next to us. After getting set up, Steve and I played a round of Ladder Golf while the girls chatted and relaxed. We had decided before hand that one of us would prepare dinner one evening and the other couple the next evening. Tonight, Terry and I would be hosting Steve and Leslie for dinner. We were also thinking about taking in the Vanishing River Cruise, but it didn't look like we would be able to. The wind was blowing real strong and there were whitecaps and high waves on the Lake Buchanan. It didn't look promising for a cruise on the river on Saturday afternoon. The lake was also down several feet from the severe drought that Texas had been experiencing.

Around 2:30 I needed to start working on dinner. On this evening's menu:

To get this evening's dinner prepared, I needed to get the apples sliced and into our crock pot. The recipe is so simple and wonderful over ice cream.

Crock pot Apples

To assemble, alternate layers of  apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, margarine and pecans until you have almost reached the top of the crock pot, normally 3 or 4 layers. On the top layer, sprinkle a liberal amount, around to 1 cup of uncooked oatmeal along with some additional brown sugar. I normally let the mixture cook around 3-4 hours. Serve warm over ice cream.

Before leaving home, I had already put the pork tenderloin into the marinade. The marinade recipe I used really turned out well. It is very simple.

Marinated Pork Tenderloin

Combine first six ingredients to make marinade. I like to combine these in an electric blender. Place pork tenderloins in glass bowl and pour marinade over pork. Cover and marinate for 24 hours, under refrigeration, turning tenderloins a couple of times.
When ready to cook, remove tenderloins from marinade. They may be grilled on gas or charcoal grill. They may also be baked on an oven broiler pan, in a 325 degree oven. They are done when a meat thermometer reads 170 degrees when inserted in the thickest portion of the tenderloin. When ready to serve, slice and serve.

The only thing left that was needed for our dinner this evening was the preparation of the potatoes and grilled vegetables. For the potatoes, I sliced new potatoes and added minced onions onto a sheet of heavy duty foil and seasoned them with salt, pepper, garlic and tossed with vegetable oil. For the grilled vegetables I sliced squash, zucchini and mushroom and marinated them in Italian salad dressing. The whole dinner, after the preparation was pretty much a "no mess" affair. To make a long story short, the whole dinner turned out perfectly, Steve and Leslie loved it all, especially the warm crock pot apples ladled over Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum! After dinner, it was time for another round of Mexican Train! I believe that we have Steve and Leslie hooked! We finished the game around 10:30. Shortly thereafter Steve and Leslie headed back to their trailer and Terry and I turned in for the evening. It had been a long day and we were both real tired.

Saturday - March 18, 2006

Terry and I woke around 7:00, showered and got ready to head into Marble Falls and the Bluebonnet Cafe. The Bluebonnet Cafe is a legend, especially in the Texas Hill Country. They have been serving good ole home cooking for over 75 years. And did I mention the pies! Talk about incredible, the pies, the meringues are around 8" tall! Wow! The last time we were there, our waitress sent a cinnamon roll home with us. I  kid you not, the roll measured 10" in diameter. Before out trip to Canyon of the Eagles, I had told Steve and Leslie that we must pay a visit to the Bluebonnet Cafe, it was not to be missed. They agreed, so we went off this morning to eat breakfast there. Around 8:30 we were ready for our short drive to Marble Falls. Wow, breakfast was incredible, better than what I had been told. Our visit before was for lunch. One word of warning, be sure you have cash with you as the Bluebonnet Cafe does not accept credit cards.

We arrived back to our campsite around 11:00. Steve and Leslie needed to run back into town to refill their propane tanks so Terry and I hung around the campsite relaxing and reading, really not doing much as all. When Steve and Leslie returned, Leslie and Terry decided to take a walk down to the park's store to look around. Steve and I said we'd drive down and meet the two of them. When Steve and I arrived at the store, we were totally amazed at how far down the lake really was. Boy, did we need rain! All of us looked around the store for about an hour before heading back to our campsite.

A chilly day at Canyon of the Eagles

For the rest of the afternoon, we all sat around and visited until it was time for dinner. Steve and I did have time to play a round of ladder golf. As I mentioned previously, Steve and Leslie were our hosts tonight for dinner. On the menu tonight:

Steve has a family ranch where they raise their own beef. Those rib eyes were some of the most tender steaks that I have ever eaten, another delicious camping dinner. We always eat better when we're camping than when we're at home. Of course, after dinner, it was time for another round of Mexican Train. To accompany the strawberry shortcake, Leslie made an excellent pot of coffee. Since the evening air was cool, a good hot cup of coffee and the strawberry shortcake was the perfect ending to a wonderful day spent with our dear friends. Around 10:30 it was time to bid adieu to our dear friends and head back to our trailer.

Sunday - March 19, 2006

After a very restful night's sleep Terry and I woke around 8:00. It has indeed been a very relaxing trip, today we're headed home. According to a tradition that we've established over our years of camping, we always prepare my favorite breakfast on Sunday mornings, pancakes with all the fixin's. In the cool of the morning, the smell of a pot of coffee brewing, bacon and sausage cooking designates the perfect ending to an awesome camping trip. On the menu this morning:

As usual, breakfast was delicious. When RVing, it's hard to mess up a pancake breakfast, it's just not allowed! After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, Terry and I started to get things packed up so we could get on the road. One of the features of Canyon of the Eagles that we like is the full-hookups each of the sites have. I don't have to make a stop at the dump station to clean out our grey and black water tanks. While Terry worked on all the inside stuff, I started working on outside stuff flushing and cleaning our tanks. Steve and Leslie were doing the same next door. Around noon, both of us were ready to pull out of the park and head for home. After a safe trip home, we arrived safely at our storage facility around 6:00.

Authored by Chuck and Terry Mencke

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