Lake Somerville State Park - Birch Creek Unit
May 26 - May 30, 2005

Lake Somerville State Park - Thursday, May 26, 2005

For this camping trip, I need to provide a little background on how it came to be. I am fairly active on the Open Road's forums, which is part of The forums are incredible sources of information concerning all aspects of camping and RVing. Before we purchased our Pilgrim travel trailer, I spent around six months on the forums "lurking" and learning all I could about RVing in general and the types of RV's available.

Too bad I didn't following the advice I had heard so many writing about, such as buying the trailer first then buying the truck to match the towing capacity of the truck to the trailer weight. I wasn't sure at this point, but now I feel we're pulling too much for what our '04 F150 is rated for. We love our Pilgrim trailer. The only draw back is its empty weight, about a ton more than comparable trailers. Before our next trip, I plan on weighing our truck then our trailer to see exactly where we stand. I feel I may have made a major mistake that I may have to live with for quite a while. So, a word of caution to all of you potential RV buyers, be sure you do your homework before deciding on your trailer/tow vehicle combination. You're investing too much money to make a major mistake.

Through my activity on the forums I have "met" a bunch of really incredible folks. Our previous Loyd Park campout was a result of contacts I had met through the forum. Another couple of folks I've met online are Brian and Renee'. They're even geographically located close to us plus they also have a Pilgrim travel trailer. Renee' got the idea to put together a mini-rally that consisted of some of the Texas members that were active on the forums. She decided that Memorial Day weekend would be a great time for all of us to get together and meet at a mutually convenient state park. Along with Terry and myself and Brian and Renee', we had three other couple that were interested in getting together for a camping trip. Joining us would be Steve and Leslie, Milt and Joella, and Mike and Tzena. Three of the couples, us, Renee' and Brian, and Steve and Leslie all lived in the North Texas area. The other two couples lived in the Southeast Texas and Houston area. Before this trip, none of us had ever met in person, except for Steve. Seven or eight years ago, Steve and Terry used to work for the same company, but hadn't had contact until we were all reacquainted on

Unfortunately, at the last minute, Brian and Renee' had a family emergency come up and were not able to attend the rally she had planned. Her dad was having surgery in Florida. I am happy to say that the surgery went well and her dad is on the road to recovery. I stepped in to keep everything organized and coordinate our pot-luck Memorial Day weekend cookout. Even though Brian and Renee' were not able to attend, the group still had Renee's family in our thoughts and prayers over the Memorial Day weekend.

Terry and I were really excited about this camping trip for several reasons. First, we'd be visiting a brand new park that we'd never camped at before. We love visiting new parks. Second, we'd be meeting up with a whole new bunch of camping buddies that we've never met before. Third, we'd be seeing our long time friend and park manager, Kim Ochs. Kim used to be the park manager of Daingerfield State Park and it now in charge of the Birch and Nails Creek Units of Lake Somerville State Park. Fourth, we'd be getting to visit the Blue Bell Creameries where Blue Bell ice cream is made. And fifth, we'd visiting the Antique Rose Emporium, which we had heard so many wonderful things about.

We had never visited Lake Somerville State Park complex so we had no expectations about the park. We'd be camping over the Memorial Day weekend, the park would likely be sold out. Terry and I decided to head down a day early to beat the crowd. We had already let Kim know we're were headed his way and he was very excited we were coming to see him. Also we were hoping to claim the 4 campsites we needed at one time so we could have them all in the same area. Milt and Joella, one of the couples who were joining us and that lived close to the park, had already done a "drive through" and were very impressed with the overall quality of the park and the campsites. They told us not to worry which sites we chose, since there weren't any bad sites in the park. Terry and I found that hard to believe, we'd just have to wait and see.

As usual, a couple of days before we were scheduled to leave, Terry and I made a run over to the trailer to load up the food and drinks that we'd need for the trip. On Thursday morning, we hooked up the trailer at our RV storage facility and headed south on Interstate 35 towards Waco. It was so nice to be able to preload all of our stuff. It saves so much time on the day we were scheduled to leave.

Around 8:30 we finally got to our exit in Waco, or what we thought it was supposed to be. Located at the exit was a McDonalds, we decided to stop there for breakfast before heading down Texas 6. We found out later that we should have taken the Highway 77 exit, but the new route proved to be to our advantage. The detour only took us a little bit out of the way. Terry and I ended up going through Hearn. Gas was $1.88 at the local Texaco. It seemed to be a great place to fill up and stretch our legs. After filling up, I headed inside to the restroom.

When I came out I saw Terry talking and laughing with, what I thought, was a strange man. The strange man ended up being our friend, Kim Ochs, the new manager of the Lake Somerville park complex. He was on his way to Daingerfield to attend his daughter's high school graduation. When he was driving by he saw me walking into the store, so he decided to stop and surprise us. What are the chances, in the middle of nowhere, of the three of us meeting up? If Terry and I hadn't taken a wrong exit, we would have missed each other. All of us visited for around 10 minutes before parting and heading our opposite directions. He told us that he would be arriving back to Somerville sometime Saturday afternoon and would see us before we left. We also invited him to our group cookout Sunday evening. We really didn't expect him to attend because it was a busy weekend for him with two full parks. He told us that Carol, one of the rangers at the Birch Creek's front office, was expecting us and would be holding the multiple sites we needed for our group.

Terry and I arrived at Birch Creek's front gate around 11:30. The rain had started to come down pretty steadily. It figures, just as we were getting ready to setup, it starts raining. We checked in at the front gate and met Carol, she was so helpful and happy to see us. As I mentioned, Kim had already let his staff know of our arrival and the requirement of multiple campsites for our group. As we drove to our campsite, #92, we were amazed at the park. There really weren't any bad sites. Almost all of them were heavily treed and had a lot of shade and privacy. Some of the sites were very close together, but you would never know it with all of the foliage. The only drawback is that some of the sites are very narrow and you may not be able to extend your awning all the way out. The wildflowers were also incredible. Right outside the park's headquarters, there were fields of yellow flowers. It was a site to behold.

Lake Somerville - Birch Creek Unit HQ Wildflower Field
Site #92 - Birch Creek A Break In The Rain!

Since we were sort of hosting the group, Terry and I chose a site in the middle. It was also the widest site where our awning would extend the whole way. Since we were doing the grilling, I needed room to extend our awning as protection against the elements just in case of rain. Rain was scheduled every day of our stay, but we were not going to let it spoil our holiday gathering! Just a note, right at the park's entrance is a nice little store and grill. The store has all of the camp necessities such as ice, wood and camping supplies.

In the driving rain, Terry and I got partially setup. We decided we'd finish later after the rain eased up. My new anniversary present, Level-Airs, made leveling the trailer much easier. Instead of wooden blocks or Lynx Levelers, Level-Airs are industrial strength air bags that you put under your trailer's wheels. You then inflate them to the proper height to level the trailer out. They are so cool and easy to use. It saves a lot of backing in and out of your campsite while adding or subtracting blocks or levelers for height. We had purchased a foot pump to pump them up, but I've decided when we go into town, we're going to get a small air compressor. The compressor could also be used to air up a low tire if need be.

As short while later, I was able to finally come in and dry off. I must have gotten around a gallon of water out of my shorts when I squeezed the water out. Boy was I wet! By then it was around 1:30, Terry and I were getting pretty hungry. We've learned to have something planned that is pretty simple on our arrival days so we don't have to prepare or cook when we're busy setting up camp. On the menu for lunch today is chopped BBQ sandwiches, chips and cokes. The previous weekend, Terry and I hosted a family gathering to celebrate my mother's remarkable life. She had past away the first part of February. We fulfilled her wishes by gathering the family together for a large backyard BBQ. I had stayed up all night the night before tending the smoker. We had brisket, ribs, chicken and sausage. And if I do say so myself, along with everyone else, the BBQ was outstanding! This was the first time I had used my new smoker and it did an incredible job! For lunch today, Terry and I were eating some of the left over brisket. Later on in the week we'll be using some of the smoked chicken to make quesadillas. If I do say so myself, I make some pretty awesome "kick butt" chicken quesadillas!

After relaxing and drying out, Terry and I decided to take a drive through the park to get the "lay of the land." We were so impressed at the quality of the sites. The majority of the sites are heavily wooded and very private. Kim had picked an awesome park to move to. As we were driving around, we saw turkey vultures perched on a sign by the lake and also deer grazing in one of the fields of flowers. 

Turkey Vultures One of our new canopies

After about an hour of exploring we decided to drive into College Station to purchase a small air compressor and an additional canopy. With all the rainy weather forecasted, we wanted to be prepared just in case we had a downpour on Sunday during our group potluck supper. While in College Station, Terry and I stopped at the local Dairy Queen and had a couple of Blizzards.

After our trip to Wal-Mart in College Station we arrived back at out campsite around 6:00 in the evening. Terry and I relaxed a bit before deciding to start dinner. Tonight's menu would consist of smoked chicken quesadillas, guacamole, chips and hot sauce and beer to top everything off with. After dinner we relaxed, read, and watch a Sci-Fi movie on DirecTV. We keep an extra activated DirecTV receiver in our trailer for when we're camping. During the Memorial Day weekend, the Sci-Fi channel was having a movie marathon of Terry's favorite horror and Sci-Fi movies. Terry really didn't care if it rained all weekend! She was in "hog heaven." After the movie was over at 10:00, both of us could barely keep our eyes open, so we decided to turn in for the evening.

Lake Somerville State Park - Friday, May 27, 2005

Terry and I woke around 6:00 to a clear cool Texas morning after a very sound night's sleep. The sun was starting to peak through the trees. We listened to the local weather forecast to see if we could learn what was in store for the day. The weathermen said for us not to be deceived by the nice weather we were experiencing, it was going to change. But for the time being, today was supposed to be nice and sunny. Terry made up a batch of fresh baked blueberry muffins. They were prepared from a Duncan Hines mix we had found. All you have to do is add cup of water, so easy! Adding juice and coffee made a well-rounded breakfast. After cleaning up after breakfast, Terry relaxed and read while I took care of some sewer hose coupling repairs. It seems like there is always something to do. Terry then helped me get the rest of our outside stuff hung and setup.

About 10:30 or so, we heard the rumbling of a diesel pickup truck heading out way. It was about the time for Joella and Milt to arrive. They had the shortest distance to drive, only around 50 miles or so. After they got all setup, they brought their chairs over and we all visited for about an hour or so getting to know each other. We found out that Milt and Joella were "seasoned" RVers. They told us since 1968 that they have had an RV of some sort, either a Class A, C or a travel trailer. Around noon it was time for Terry and me to head toward Brenham so we could stop for lunch and visit Blue Bell for the 2:30 tour. Steve and Leslie, from Arlington, were also headed our way and were trying to arrive in time for the tour as well. Terry and I headed on out since we were not sure if they would arrive in time or not.

On the way to Brenham, Terry and I stopped at the Somerville Dairy Queen for a quick lunch. Arriving in Brenham around 2:00, we stopped and asked directions to the Blue Bell Creameries. The lady at Brenham's Chamber of Commerce told us that we were almost there! Terry and I made it in plenty of time to take the 2:30 tour. The Blue Bell tour was very interesting, but the best part was the ice cream afterwards. Terry had "Moo-llennium Crunch" and I had "Butter Pecan". Yummm! Blue Bell sure does make great ice cream. We met Steve and Leslie in the gift shop afterwards. They almost made it in time for the tour, but they were 10 minutes late! As we ate our ice cream, we got to meet Steve's new bride, Leslie, and Terry got to get reacquainted with Steve, whom she used to work with. We found out that they were basically newlyweds! The were married last July and had met on the Internet through Match. COM. Way cool!

On their trip down, Steve and Leslie's coffee pot had fallen and broken, so it was time for a trip to Wal-Mart. After getting directions from the nice folks at Blue Bell, we headed in the correct direction. Wal-Mart always seems to be a lifesaver while we're camping. Normally, if Wal-Mart doesn't have it, then we probably don't need it. Terry decided while we were there to purchase one more portable blue canopy. We had an smaller green one that we would retire and donate to our church. Now we had two matching blue canopies that also matched the color accents on our trailer. While we were at Wal-Mart, and since this one was a super center with food, we decided to go on and purchase the meat for our group's Sunday cookout. I bought 20 pre-made patties of 85/15 hamburger meat. The 85/15 had less fat in it and shouldn't shrink as bad. After about an hour or so in Wal-Mart, our group headed for Somerville and the park.

We arrived back at our campsite around 4:00. We all sat around and talked for an hour or so before heading into our camper to cool off and start thinking about dinner. On the menu tonight, Bagel Bites and beer. Again, we were keeping it simple. Other than relaxing nothing was on taps for this evening except waiting for the arrival of our last couple, Mike and Tzena. They were scheduled to arrive sometime after 9:00. From what I understood, they were coming from Houston. I can imagine what the traffic was going to be on a Friday evening in Houston. Then add in the factor of the Memorial Day weekend with all the folks leaving town. They arrived around  9:30. Since Mike and Tzena were busy setting up, I went over to made a quick introduction and give them a warm welcome. I also let them know the schedule for Saturday. For those that wanted to, we'd all be heading to the Antique Rose Emporium. The highlight of Saturday would our dinner at the Country Inn in Somerville. The Country Inn is supposed to serve incredible steaks! Around 10:30, Terry and I turned in for the evening.

Lake Somerville State Park - Saturday, May 28, 2005

Terry and I woke up to a very humid Texas morning. At least it didn't rain overnight. But according to the weather reports there are showers surrounding us, but no rain at the park, yet. Our group is planning on leaving around 11:00 this morning to head to the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence, Texas. Of course that all depends if the weather cooperates. I put on a pot of coffee while we watched the local morning news to catch the updated weather forecast. Showers were scheduled for mid-morning, then clearing for the rest of Saturday. On Sunday, more showers were forecasted.

For breakfast we had fresh cinnamon rolls, juice and a big glass of cold milk. After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, Terry and I showered and relaxed for a while before we were scheduled to head out. As I mentioned previously we're going to tour the Antique Rose Emporium and then dinner tonight will be at the Country Inn in Somerville. Right on schedule, when we were all getting ready to leave, rain started coming down. Rain is always welcome, especially as dry as it has been. We were only delayed about an hour, no big deal at all. We had plenty of time on our hands.

Around noon blue skies appeared! We decided to head on out on our excursion to Independence, Texas and the Antique Rose Emporium. We also found out that Independence was the original home of Baylor University. Steve, who we decided to ride with, was a Baylor Alumni so he found the historic Baylor site very interesting. The Baylor Alumni have taken much care in restoring and preserving the original site of the campus.

As you can see from the pictures the Antique Rose Emporium is a site to behold. Not only do they have roses, but also herbs, and bedding plants of all kinds. Antique roses have a rich and interesting history. Some of the strains the Rose Emporium sells date back several centuries, other strains are rather recent. In a nutshell, antique roses are many of the roses that you see growing along the side of the road. They were grown in the flower beds of homes all across the United States and outlying territories. The gentleman who owns the emporium saw these wild roses growing, took cuttings, and started cultivating the plants for sale, and thus was born the Antique Rose Emporium. They now have a total of three locations. Below are some pictures of the emporium, some we took and some are from their website.

Antique Rose Emporium Photos

Antique Rose Emporium Sign "With a Garden There is Hope"
Antique Rose Emporium Entrance Chuck with Antique Rose mailbox
Chuck & Terry at the Antique Rose Emporium Chuck waiting for Terry

Terry and I had also picked the perfect weekend to visit, all of the roses were 50% off. Way cool! Terry and I sought some guidance and ended up purchasing 3 rose bushes for our front yard, Chrysler Imperial, Puerto Rico, and Lafter. We also decided on 3 contrasting colors, red, white and an orange-red. Below are pictures of the roses we decided to purchase. The pictures are from the Antique Rose Emporiums website.

Lafter Puerto Rico Chrysler Imperial

Around 4:00 or so, we headed back to our campsite. We wanted a little bit of time to rest before heading out to the Country Inn. You should know, this camping stuff is very hard work! The Country Inn in Somerville is a little green building that looks to seat around 100 folks or so. Everyone around these parts swears that eating there is not to be missed! We'll see. Steve decided to prepare a Dutch oven apple cobbler for all of us to enjoy afterwards. From what I've heard about the Country Inn and their portion sizes, I do hope we all have room to enjoy it. Of course the cobbler will have to be topped with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream!

5:30 rolled around and it was time for our group to head into Somerville for dinner. Since Milt and Joella and Steve and Leslie both had 4-door trucks we all were able to ride together. Since we had a party of 8, I had called the day before for reservations. We had a brief 5-10 minute wait while our table was prepared. We were all correct about the size. It is very small and the tables and diners are packed in. The menu is heavy on beef with additional chicken and seafood entrees available. Without reading the menu real well, I automatically decided to get a large top sirloin. That is until Terry told me to look closer. Their large sirloin weighs between 3 & 3 pounds! Oh my gosh! The small sirloin weighs in at 1 to 1 pounds. Wow! I ended up getting a 1 pound rib eye. Terry ordered a small chicken fried steak. The small chicken fry covered a 12" platter. They even bring your side dishes out separately because there is no room on the serving platter. Milt ordered fried catfish. I looked down the table at his plate and it looked like there were 6 or 7 filets on his plate. My rib eye was one of the most tender and juicy steaks I've ever eaten. In fact, all said their food was incredible. I'm sure glad the Country Inn isn't close to us, I'd end up overdosing on beef because it is so good.

Country Inn - Somerville, Texas

On our drive back to the park, we were all moaning and groaning because we were so full. We also knew that we had Dutch over apple cobbler waiting for us when we arrived. We all gathered at Steve and Leslie's campsite for cobbler and ice cream. Leslie put on a pot of coffee for us to enjoy as well. Wow, what a perfect way to end the day, a cool Texas evening, good company, and an incredible Granny Smith Dutch oven apple cobbler with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream. It just doesn't get any better than that. After visiting for an hour of so, our group broke up and we all headed to our respective trailers. Terry and I watched TV for around 30 minutes or so before turning in for the evening. We were all hoping for good weather tomorrow for our cookout!

Lake Somerville State Park - Sunday, May 29, 2005

Terry and I woke up around 6:00, well, that's a little misleading. It had rained and thundered most of the night so we were awakened several times by thunder and the rain on the roof of the trailer. That's a good "wake up", to listen to rain and thunder. Terry and I love the sound of rain and thunder at night, and especially when we're camping! For the time being, the rain has let up. If the weather cooperates today, Terry and I are headed back to the Antique Rose Emporium. We didn't see all of it yesterday. We're also going also going to do a drive through of the Nails Creek Unit. That's the sister park to Birch Creek, where we're staying. John, one of the rangers, told us it was about a 30 minute drive to Nails.

After getting up, I put a pot of coffee on. Terry and I decided to start breakfast around 8:30. On the menu this morning is breakfast tacos, juice and milk. Terry gave me a "thumbs up", so I guess I did a pretty good job. Both of us showered so we could get ready for our day in the park. This evening is our group's potluck/cookout. We sure hope the weather holds out. Terry and I've got the weather radio on monitoring the alerts that are being issued by the National Weather Service. Terry and I always keep a weather alert radio with us when we're camping. In Texas, you never know what is going to happen.

Terry and I headed out around 11:00 on our way to visit the Nails Creek Unit first. After around a 30 minute drive we finally arrived at the front gate of the park. I stopped in and checked in with the ranger and picked up a park map. We found out real quick that the main focus of the park was to serve the needs of campers traveling with horses. Terry and I probably saw 30-40 horses. The facilities were really nice. Next to each campsite was a corral. The park also had a large loop with regular water/electricity campsites. The sites were shaded and spaced out for privacy. One of the neat features of the park is a Kid's Fishing Pond. There were a ton of kids there fishing when Terry and I drove by. We made a stop at one of the bathhouses to check them out as well. They were clean with a lot of privacy. Overall the Nails Creek facility's quality was excellent.

Terry and I headed out of the park to catch Scenic Texas Route 390 which lead into Independence and the Antique Rose Emporium. There were two reasons we were headed back there. First, we had forgotten to take the camera with us on Saturday and second, we didn't finish looking at everything. There is so much to see. I'm sure, even going back a second time, we'll still miss some of the unique areas. Terry and I spent a little over an hour looking around and purchased some cool items at the gift shop. I've always wanted a Galileo thermometer. The Antique Rose Emporium also had a great sale on gift items as well, 30% off. Terry also purchased a really neat Rose Emporium t-shirt.

Additional Antique Rose Emporium Photos

Terry checking out the flowers "Pretty as a rose"
Walkway to the Gazebo Antique Rose Emporium Chapel
Windmill at the Antique Rose Emporium Stream running through the gardens

We headed back towards Somerville and our campsite. We wanted to rest a bit before we had to get ready for the group cookout tonight. We're really looking forward to it. Terry and I are furnishing the meat, the other 3 couples are bringing all of the accompanying items. All of us really lucked out, the four couples had not met before, except online, and we're all getting along so well. This is a great group. Tomorrow, we'll all part and head out separate ways. Hopefully, we'll all be able to get back together again in the future.

Terry and I rested until around 5:00 and then we started getting ready for our "company." As we were getting ready, it was getting darker and darker. The weather radio woke up and started blurting out an alert. There were heavy thunderstorms moving in but they may stay south of the park. We're all keeping our fingers crossed. A light rain started, but we had our canopies up so the tables and chairs were all dry. More thunder and lightening, was the evening going to be a washout? No, we weren't going to let that happen.

Around 5:45 or so, I fired up the grill so it could pre-heat. Soon after everyone started arriving. Steve and Leslie (well, Leslie) made an incredible guacamole, along with all the burger fixin's. Milt and Joella contributed the buns and some awesome Mexican style pinto beans. Around desert time, they also brought the Blue Bell Ice Cream, Butter Pecan and Strawberry, to be served with the cakes that Mike and Tzena contributed. Mike and Tzena brought potato salad, cole slaw and a couple of cakes that I previously mentioned. One of the cakes was carrot and the other was strawberry. Major yum!

"Chef Chuck"

Our Memorial Day Camping Group

All of the food was awesome, but the company was even better. What a wonderful way to wrap up our Memorial Day weekend. And yes, the rain did hold off for our cookout! After dinner we all sat around and talked and shared our travel stories until around 9:00. We all had so much to talk about especially Milt and Joella and Mike and Tzena. Around 9:00 everyone was getting tired, so we all decided to head to our respective trailers. We all head for home after sharing a wonderful time together. Terry and I hit the sack about 10:00 and didn't wake until 8:00 the next morning!

Lake Somerville State Park - Monday, May 30, 2005

As Terry and I were starting to wake up, it seemed to be getting darker and darker. We decided to get dressed and start stowing all of the outside stuff. We wanted to get our trailer's awning washed off so it could start to dry before any more rain came in. There were lots of pine needles on it. We also needed to get the two portable canopies taken down while they were basically dry.  To save time, Terry and I grabbed a quick breakfast of juice and cold cereal and milk. We decided we wanted to get packed up and head for home.

Milt and Joella had left around 7:00 so they could get home to check on their garden. I forgot to mention, Joella brought Terry and myself a bunch of fresh vegetables from their garden, really it's Milt's garden. At the cookout, we had some of their tomatoes on our burger, oh yum! There is nothing better than homegrown fresh tomatoes!

A while later, Leslie and Steve came by to lend a hand. Terry and I had a lot more stuff out than anyone else since we had  hosted the campout. Mike came by as well to help. While Mike and Steve loaded up the BBQ pit in the back of my truck, Terry and I worked on putting all of our chairs away. Steve and Leslie were just also just about packed up and ready to pull out. Having done all we could outside, we said our goodbyes to Steve and Leslie, Mike and Tzena. I had showered before Terry and I had gone outside to work. That was a mistake. By the time we were finished outside, I was soaking wet from all the Texas humidity. Terry and I went inside to cool down a bit before we finished packing.

Around 11:00 there was a knock on our door. It was Kim Ochs, the park manager of the Lake Somerville complex, and our good friend. We invited him in and sat and visited for around 30 minutes or so. Mike and Tzena also came by with the left over cakes. We had all suggested that they be left at the front office to be enjoyed by the staff. I'm sure the two cakes would be a welcome addition to their break room. Kim told us how busy he'd been with the added responsibilities and apologized for not making it to the cookout last night. He ended up working 7 to 7 at the front gate. Compared to Daingerfield State Park, the Lake Somerville park complex is huge. From what he told us, he's adjusting quite well to his new surroundings and new staff.

Terry and I pulled out of our campsite around 1:30 right after Mike and Tzena. We were lucky, the dump station was totally empty with no line of trailers waiting to dump. I really didn't want to drive back home with our tanks full. We do have a dump station at our RV storage facility, but I'd rather drive home with empty tanks, much less weight. After spending around 30 minutes dumping and flushing, Terry and I were ready to head home. Traffic wasn't bad until we merged onto Interstate 35, then it got heavy. The worse of the traffic came when we reached Hillsboro, it was totally stop and go! There were lots of folks on their way home after the Memorial Day weekend. After the I35 split, traffic opened up. Terry and I arrived back in Fort Worth at our trailer's storage facility safe and sound. The Memorial Day traffic had added an extra 2 hours to our return trip. We unloaded the food and our clothes, and headed for home around 8:30. Two weeks from today, we head out again, this time to Beavers Bend outside of Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Authored by Chuck and Terry Mencke

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