Beavers Bend Resort Area
Broken Bow, Oklahoma
March 30-April 1, 2007

Beavers Bend Resort Area - Friday, March 30, 2007

This is our second trip back to the Beavers Bend Resort Area outside of Broken Bow Oklahoma. It is one of the most beautiful areas of Oklahoma to visit. From what I hear it's almost like being in Colorado but without the long drive. We were meeting my sister and brother-in-law and a couple of friends of theirs, Gary and Connie, for a nice weekend of camping, and of course, good food! There is one thing I don't like about Oklahoma, though, and that is that they don't take reservations at some of their parks. Beavers Bend is one of those parks. Fortunately, Di and Ron, and their friends, had already arrived the day before and were going to secure a campsite for us. Ron is an avid fly fisherman and Beavers Bend offers year round fly fishing, so they were going to set up at one of the camp sites and Di and Connie were going to read and Ron and Gary were going to fish. Before I start the narrative of our relaxing trip, I want to thank my sister for sharing her photos with me for posting.

Terry picked me up me up from work around 11:30 so we could head over to our storage facility, hook up the trailer, and head on down the road. We were hooked up and ready to leave around noon. The night before we had already loaded the trailer with all our food and clothes for the weekend. We were also using Microsoft's Streets and Trips with GPS on this trip to help us with trip routing and directions. Around 1:30 we stopped outside of Dallas at a Quizno's for lunch.

Terry decided she really liked Streets & Trips and the GPS. She liked following along our route. The only problem was the small inverter I had wasn't powerful enough to power my laptop. We soon remedied that situation when we stopped to fuel up at a truck stop in Oklahoma. They had a 1000 watt inverter on sale for around $100. The only problem was it needed to be wired directly to the battery. It was too heavy duty to be able to be powered from the cigarette lighter. If time allowed this weekend, I'd run into Broken Bow and purchase the necessary wire needed for installation.

At 6:30 we rolled into Beavers Bend and our campsite. We had previously talked to Di and Ron to find out what campsite they had secured for us. Fortunately we were in the same area that we were on our previous visit, the "F" loop or "Fern Drive." The sites overlook the river that runs through the park. When we drove up to the site, we had a welcome sight, a roaring campfire. Di, Ron, Connie and Gary were sitting in their lawn chairs waiting for our arrival.

Upon our arrival, a campfire!

It was nice having all the extra hands to help us setup camp. All of us were hungry too. The faster we got everything out, the sooner we could eat. There was a chance of rain so we decided to setup a canopy up over our picnic table. After doing a minimal setup, it was time to get dinner started. On the menu this evening, a very traditional camping meal.

After the long drive to the campground, what an awesome dinner we had! It doesn't get much better than this, cool temperatures, a roaring campfire, hot dogs with all the fixin's, and great company to share it all with. People ask me what this RVing this is all about! All I can say the culmination of this day is a perfect example.

Our Site At Beavers Bend

After dinner we all sat around the campfire watching it burn down and clearing our minds. It had been a long week and a long drive, it was nice to be able to relax and enjoy the cool temperatures of the evening that were starting to creep in. The campfire was perfect just to take the chill off. Around 10:00 our guests headed back to their rooms at the lodge and Terry and I headed to our trailer to get ready to retire for the evening. In the distance there was lightening and thunder. It just might be a "bumpy night". A few hours later, around midnight, the skies open up. It was a gully washer! The rain was coming down so hard we couldn't even get outside to check on the canopy that we had put over the picnic table. We were both sure it was going to collapse under the weight of the rain. Oh well, we'd have to live with it.

Beavers Bend Resort Area - Saturday, March 31, 2007

The next morning I woke up around 6:45 and put on a pot of coffee. The temperatures were cool and the air was clear from all the rain we had gotten overnight. Yep, we were correct, the canopy over the picnic table was an absolute mess! The frame was definitely broken with heavy pockets of water weighting it down. We may be able to patch it up and use it through the weekend. It was still raining a little bit. Terry got up at 7:30, we both took quick showers and went outside to take care of the cleanup from last night's storms. We needed to get the picnic table area dried out before out guests arrived around 9:00. We did what we could to salvage the canopy. We decided when we broke camp tomorrow, the canopy and frame would be going in the dumpster. There was no need to haul it back home.

Right on schedule, our hungry guests showed up for breakfast. We told them about the rain and we were met with blank stares and "What rain?" They had totally slept through the thunderstorms. On the menu this morning:

The best news was the sun was starting to peep out from behind the clouds. It was going to be a beautiful day! It was a little chilly, so we re-started the campfire. Fortunately I had covered up the firewood I had brought with us with a tarp, so it was dry. The "boys" left to to go fish while the rest of us stayed at camp to rest and relax. After as while, I decided to run into town to get the wire and supplies that would be needed to wire my newly acquired inverter directly to the battery. This was needed since the inverter was a very large, high powered one. At one of the local auto supply stores in Broken Bow, I picked up all supplies that would be needed for the installation. Arriving back to our campsite, I started working in the inverter install. The inverter was needed to power my laptop so we could use it for our GPS navigation on our trips. Thinking back I should have stayed put and relaxed instead of trying to install the inverter that I had purchased on the trip down.

I got all the wiring pulled through the firewall of the truck and hooked up to the power terminals on the inverter. I unloosened the bolts on the battery terminals to attached the wire that ran directly to the inverter. I was in the process of tightening the bolts on the terminals when one of the bolts broke. Oops! I knew it was time for another trip back into town to buy another bolt. I tired to start my truck and it started perfectly so I decided to drive it into town. Terry and my sister both said I should leave the truck and take my sister's car instead to run into town. I should have listened to them because I ended up screwing up my truck very bad. There were a couple of rough road on the way into town and I hit many big bumps. The battery terminal wasn't secure so it arced and sent bad signals to the truck's computer. The truck started cutting out very badly and loosing power. I "limped" into town, purchased the needed bolt, installed it and tightened it down. I thought all would then be well with the truck. WRONG! Driving back to our campsite the truck was just as bad, cutting out and loosing power. Oh boy. I still had to (hopefully!) make it back to camp and break the news to Terry. I could envision having the leave the trailer at the park and putting the truck into service somewhere in Oklahoma.

I did finally arrive back at camp and the "girls" could tell I wasn't too happy. They had started getting lunch ready for us. The "boys" were still out fishing but that wasn't going to stop us from enjoying our lunch. On the menu this afternoon:

Lunch was fabulous. However, while at lunch I had to break the bad news to everyone. We were not sure what we were going to do. I had no idea if the truck had enough power to pull the trailer back home and make it all the way back. I decided "what was done, was done" and there was nothing more I could do about it, at least not right now. For the rest of the afternoon, I tried to relax, even though it was very hard, thinking about my stupidity. I should have let the truck sit, driven another car into town, and all would have been fine. But no, I had to drive my truck and screw it up. Oh well. For the rest of the afternoon, we enjoyed a perfectly beautiful afternoon. Di, my sister, restarted the campfire. It's always wonderful having a campfire blazing. It just sets the mood, especially when it is a tad bit chilly. The "boys" showed up a little bit later and had a late lunch. Fishing had been good. They do a lot of catching and releasing.  After they finished lunch, Di, Connie, Ron and Gary went to ride the little train.  We had ridden it before, so we decided to stay in camp.


Beavers Bend, a great area for fishing!

A Trip To The Beavers Bend Train Depot

Di and Connie ready to board! Gary and Ron ready to take the wheel.

It's Time For Ice Cream!

One of the neat little things that happens in the park each afternoon is the ice cream man comes by. As you can see by the photos below, he's stocked with just about any type of cool treat you'd want. Beavers Bend does indeed have so much to offer campers and RVers!

Scenes of Beavers Bend

Around 6:00 it was time to start fixing dinner. Di volunteered to make dinner to give Terry and me a break so we took her up on the offer. On the menu this evening:

All of us sat around the campfire for a couple of hours before our guests headed back to the lodge to turn in for the evening. It indeed had been a long day. Terry and I made sure the fire was safe before we too headed inside to the warmth that our trailer offered. We had brought a DVD with us, "Happy Feet", which we watched before turning in for the night. With all that had happened I was still able to sleep soundly through the night.

Beavers Bend Resort Area - Sunday, April 1, 2007

I woke up around 7:00 after a very restful night's sleep. I went on and showered before Terry woke up around an hour later. Originally I did have pancakes on the menu this morning. Instead Terry and I've been invited out to breakfast this morning instead of cooking for everyone. There's a local diner that Di and Ron have eaten at several times and they say it is wonderful. It's nothing fancy, but is supposed to have delicious home cooking. We were to meet the group at the restaurant around 9:30. Driving to the diner would be a good test of the truck before we hooked up and, hopefully, head for home.

The truck did do fairly well on the way up to the diner. It only cut out once. I think we'll give it a try and head for home in a few hours. When we arrived at the restaurant there was a local artist displaying his wares. He carves wood using a chain saw and he is really good. We had a quick look and decided to eat breakfast first since it was almost time to stop serving for breakfast. Before going into the diner, we did put a couple of pieces on hold until after breakfast.

Breakfast was indeed delicious, good ole home cookin'! After breakfast all of us did purchase some of the local artist's works. His work was really high quality and very reasonably priced. In fact, Gary said he had paid several times more for similar works. A couple of the works were so big they had to be loaded into the back of my truck for transport home. Terry and I ended up purchasing a bear and a raccoon, cute as can be. After loading up our purchases, all of us headed back to the campsite to get packed up, hooked up and finally head for home.

It was nice having all the extra help to get things stowed away. All Terry and I had to do was direct everyone on what to do next. The trip home was uneventful. Terry and I took it slow and easy. Monday morning first thing the truck was going over to my Ford dealer so the computer could be reset and corrected. We finally got off our exit in Fort Worth and the truck did have a major loss of power. But we made it to the storage place and then home. It was 6:00 and we were happy to be home safe and sound. It was a fun weekend, but hard lessons were learned.

Authored by Chuck and Terry Mencke

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