Chuck & Terry’s Coleman

Santa Fe Popup Tent Camper


Chuck, Terry & Bandy with ther Coleman Santa Fe

Our 2001 Coleman Santa Fe Tent Camper

Welcome to a tour of our little "home away from home," We've had a lot of our readers asking for more specifics about our camper so we've decided to provide a visual tour.

Coleman Santa Fe floorplan
Floor Plan of the our Coleman Santa Fe

At the end of March 2001, we purchased a 2001 Coleman Santa Fe popup tent camper. We purchased the camper from Western Campers, one of the premier Coleman dealers located in Fort Worth. Before we made the final decision on what make and model we would purchase we visited many different dealers and looked at the various manufacturers and their models. We choose the Coleman line for many reasons. A few of them were:

Our main buy point was the fold over galley. We love it since it keeps everything upright and doesn't tip over at a 90° angle, it stays straight. We bought a "fully loaded" model since the unit we bought was just back from one of the RV shows. The units most of the dealers display at the show are fully equipped with most of the popular options. This way they are able to show the potential buyers what the unit looks like with the options installed. Our Santa Fe unit came with the following extras:

When we bought our Santa Fe, the show specials were still on as well as some promotional offers by the manufacturer. We felt that it was too good a deal to turn down. Concerning the canopy, we have found that the canopy really helps in keeping the camper cooler in the hottest part of the day. We love the hot water heater even though it seems to make the inside of the camper a little warmer. We may try turning it off and relighting it when it is needed. It only takes around 10 minutes to heat up. The refrigerator is great. It's cut our buying of ice in half. About 24 hours before we leave we plug the camper into 110 volts and turn the refrigerator on to cool down. Right before we leave, we unhook the power cord and switch the camper over to 12 volt power to maintain it while we drive down the road. When we get to our campsite and unload the ice chests, the refrigerator is cold and ready to be loaded.

Below are some pictures of our Santa Fe and how we have it fixed up.

Coleman Santa Fe closed
Our Coleman Santa Fe ready for the road
Coleman Santa Fe dinette
Looking towards the galley and our dinette
Coleman Santa Fe full-sized Bed
Looking towards the full-sized bed
Coleman Santa Fe king-sized bed
Chuck sitting on our king-sized bed
Coleman Santa Fe all set up
All setup and ready!

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Authored by Chuck and Terry Mencke

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