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August 15, 1997

Welcome to another edition of "Net-Bits." In this section Terry and I will tell you about neat stuff we've found on the Net without a lot of personal editorializing. We'll just give you a short description and the URL and that's it. So let's see what we've got for you for this issue of "Cruisin'"! Most of these Net-Bits are gathered from different announcement lists that I subscribe to, mainly Gleason Sackman's "Net-Happenings" list, Geoffrey Kleinman's "The Kleinman Report" and Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week. For this issue Terry and I have assembled a very eclectic bunch of "Net-Bits." We hope you enjoy checking them out.

Sold Out!

You won't believe what some celebrities are "hawking" over in Japan. Check this site out, you just might find some interesting surprises. How about Dennis Hopper in a bathtub selling bath salts and their soothing effects? Very interesting.


Himalayas - Where Earth Meets Sky

This area of the world has always fascinated me. Learn more about it at:


Secret Hollywood Sites

Grab the map and you're on the way to discovering the stranger side of Hollywood.


First Lines

Here you'll find first lines of famous and not so famous books. This is a fun site.


Drive In Theaters

Oh, what memories Drive In Theaters hold when I was growing up. Relive them at:


High School Chemistry Lab

It's school time again and this is where the Net can become an invaluable resource.

http://dbhs.wvusd.k12.ca.us/ ChemTeamIndex.html

That's it for this issue of Net-Bits. Click on the right arrow below to once again sail the seas with the Vikings. Don't get seasick.

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