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Volume 3, No. 14
August 15, 1997

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Let's talk a little about navigating around the column. Below you will find a listing of the topics that Terry and I will be covering in this issue of Cruisin'. To access any of them, just click on the topic that interests you and you'll be taken to that particular page. On each of the preceding pages, we'll be providing navigation buttons that will take you forward, backwards or back to this opening page. In several of the topics, we'll be providing hyperlinks to the sites that we are talking about. If you follow the links you will be whisked away immediately from Cruisin' to the site discussed. The following is important! To return back to the column from any of the links, just keep using the BACK key on your favorite browser and you will eventually get back to where you started. If you have any questions or comments, you can email us at To see what Terry and I have in store for you, just click on "Surfin' With Chuck and Terry" or any of the other topics to begin.

It has also been recommended that Terry and I start including a disclaimer at the start of our column, so here it goes. From time to time Terry and I will tell you about World Wide Web sites to visit or software that you can download on the Internet. Neither Terry, myself nor StarText can be held responsible for any damage, either emotional or physical, that you or your computer system may experience while visiting one of the sites we've told you about. All down loaded software is to be used at your own risk and no warranty is implied on our part.

With that out of the way, Terry and I hope you enjoy this issue of Cruisin' With StarText!

In This Issue:

Surfin' With Chuck & Terry

Net-Bits - Internet Tidbits

Viking Voyage 1000 - The Voyage of The Snorri

Another Dose of Net Humor

A Final Word

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